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Laura Ingraham said young people are being indoctrinated to become protesters and liberal activists at the behest of "old guard liberals."

Ingraham said President Obama's "legacy" is America's current "constant state of protest and agitation."

She said such practices are "force fed" to them through high school and college classes.

At Yale, students are expected to be versed in issues of social justice, Ingraham reported.

She said that Tufts University administrator Karen Richardson told prospective students that "activism is encouraged."

"The goal here is political power," Ingraham said, pointing to what she called "old guard liberals" and elites supporting and funding movements like the recent push for gun control.

She said former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) - a billionaire media magnate - poured millions into hundreds of gun control marches largely staffed by young people.

"When you can get college credit or even a fast pass to the Ivy League by protesting, why study?" she asked.

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