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Sean Hannity debated Univision anchor Jorge Ramos over the legitimacy of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to enforce federal immigration law in California.

Sessions said Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) government cannot ban local authorities from cooperating with federal agents.

Hannity asked Ramos if he supports deporting illegal immigrants who commit further crimes, or whether Brown's policy should stand.

"The vast majority of immigrants... are not criminals," Ramos responded.

Hannity asked Ramos to not reiterate "talking points" and stick to the questions.

"I'm not here to defend criminals," Ramos then clarified.

But, he added that President Trump's policies appear to criminalize an entire race, but that he believes "not all white people" are responsible for the actions of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock.

Hannity replied that he visited the border and sat through a discussion with agents and then-Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas).

While there, Hannity was informed that 642,000 crimes were committed against Texans by illegal immigrants in a seven-year period, which led to further debate with Ramos.

"Are you literally saying to me that they're lying?" Hannity asked.

Watch the full debate above.

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