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On the day Attorney General Jeff Sessions ripped California immigration policies in a Sacramento speech, Golden State Rep. Darrell Issa echoed the Alabamian's remarks on "Outnumbered Overtime."

As reported:

In his remarks, Sessions noted “worrisome” trends as violent crime increased in 2014 and 2015, particularly a surge in homicide and drug availability. He said that a lawful immigration system was part of tackling such trends.

Sessions said that while America admits the highest number of legal immigrants in the world, the American people deserve a legal, rational immigration system that protects the nation and preserves the national interest.
“It cannot be the policy of a great nation to reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and work permits and so forth. How can this be a sound policy?” he asked.

“Meanwhile, those who engage in this process lawfully and patiently and wait their turn are discriminated against, it seems, at every turn.”
Turning to California, he described "open borders" policies that refuse to apprehend and deport illegal immigrants as a “radical, irrational idea that cannot be accepted” and rejected the right of states to obstruct federal immigration law.

Issa, a Republican from San Diego County, said California is guilty of "overreach" and is intentionally violating federal immigration law.

He said the nation's founders intended that certain powers be retained by the government, among them being immigration.

Issa called Sessions' announcement "a great move" that will "defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic" like MS-13.

He called Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) the enforcers of a policy that "is making my state less safe."

Becerra and Brown championed a new state law that bans private companies and local law enforcement from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Issa said policies like Becerra's "make people in other states at risk" since they may use California as a protectionist launching pad to other places.

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