PA Radio Host: Trump Steel Tariffs Could 'Mean a Lot' After Decades of 'Jobs Disappearing'

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An Ohio forklift driver who switched parties in 2016 to support President Trump applauded the plan to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. 

Geno DiFabio, who appeared alongside Trump at a rally in Youngstown over the summer, was a lifelong Democrat who embraced Trump's promise to end harmful trade deals

Trump's tariff plan generated a huge backlash last week from his fellow Republicans, but was praised by an Ohio Democratic lawmaker. Trump has refused to back down, however, downplaying the fears of a trade war which have driven the stock market lower.

DiFabio said that the workers he has spoken to in recent days are happy about Trump's announcement. 

"Let's make it fair and we'll beat 'em. Those jobs will come back, the jobs are already coming back," he told Griff Jenkins Sunday, adding Trump is following through on "exactly what he said he was gonna do."

DiFabio said for decades, he and other workers watched as U.S. steel plants closed and they wondered why the U.S. manpower and technology was not being used.

"We invented the technology to make this stuff and they're taking it all off of us," he recalled.

He said President Trump is acting like a referee to level the playing field, whereas previous administrations declined to act on behalf of the American worker.

"The guy knows what he's doing."

Watch the interview above.

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