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On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Mark Steyn debated an immigrant advocate over San Francisco's plan to fund $7 million worth of lawyers and other resources to help illegal immigrants fight deportation.

Steyn said Monday also marked the day President Trump's sunset of the DACA program was to take effect, adding that it was instead neutered by "activist judges."

National Immigration Forum executive director Ali Noorani said forcing local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law leads to distrust among the immigrant community writ large.

He said that is true whether it is "San Francisco, St. Louis, or Spartanburg [S.C.]."

Noorani told Steyn police want to be "policing a safe city" and not a "sanctuary city."

Steyn took issue with the notion, saying half of the 230 people detained by ICE in California recently were convicted of serious crimes.

Noorani said the silent point to be made was that the other half of the people were law-abiding, except for their initial immigration law infraction.

Steyn, who immigrated legally from Canada, said he is concerned that people like Noorani apply the term "immigrant" to people who came the right way as well as the wrong way.

He said immigration law must be enforced as written.

Steyn said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (D) was actively "subverting" immigration law to the benefit of illegal immigrants.

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