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Andrew Pollack, whose daughter died in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting, said Monday he does not believe gun control legislation is "achievable" in the current political climate. 

Instead, Pollack called on Florida lawmakers to pass Gov. Rick Scott's (R) proposed bill, which focuses on school safety and mental health. 

The bill would also raise the minimum age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21.

Pollack emphasized that there is nothing in the bill about arming teachers. He said the proposed changes would have "100 percent" stopped the 19-year-old shooter by allowing police officers to search his home for weapons following previous tips about his mental state. 

Pollack said he believes the legislation should pass with unanimous support and any lawmaker who votes "no" is opposing making schools safer for children in Florida. 

"If I can't get it done, there's something wrong," he concluded, adding that the families of the other 16 victims of the Feb. 14 massacre also support the bill. 

"I'm about being productive and doing something that's achievable right now. And what's achievable is everyone getting together and making our schools safe."

Watch the interview above. 

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