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Local community organizations in Chicago are critical of former President Obama's plan to build his presidential library on the site of Jackson Park - a locale on the National Register of Historic Places.

Obama, a former community organizer in Chicago, is refusing to sign a community benefits agreement at this time, Stuart Varney reported.

The agreement would guarantee low-income housing be built in the area and that the construction of the library would have its materials and workforce sourced locally, according to Wall Street Journal reporter James Freeman.

"He wants to move into this part, this area of Chicago, and plop down his great big library," Varney said. "Community organizers are opposing the community-organizer-in-chief."

Freeman said that despite Obama's background, "he does not seem to think much of the work community organizations do."

Jackson Park, designed in part by Frederick Law Olmsted - the designer of New York City's Central Park - was the site of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

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