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Stephen Baldwin: Hollywood Trump-Bashing Shows the 'Disconnect' From Reality

Actor Alec Baldwin called into his younger brother's Syracuse, N.Y. radio show posing as President Trump, then proceeded to react to "Trump's" comments as himself.

In audio obtained by the Syracuse Post-Standard, Alec Baldwin telephoned Daniel Baldwin's TK-99 radio show in his "Saturday Night Live" Trump impersonation voice.

Daniel asked "Trump" how he is doing, and Alec's Trump responded that he is enjoying chocolate cake in the West Wing.

He then asked "Trump" about a tweet he sent disparaging Alec, in which the president called for the return of Darrell Hammond to "SNL" and claimed the elder Baldwin's career was "dying."

"Everybody knows that Stephen Baldwin is the best Baldwin," Alec's Trump said, calling the more conservative younger brother a "great American who gets it."

Stephen Baldwin appeared with Donald Trump on Season 7 of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

"Billy Baldwin is the Commie lefty pinko Baldwin [and] Alec Baldwin is like Che Guevara," Alec's Trump told Daniel.

Later in the conversation, Alec Baldwin reverted to his normal voice, and reacted to "Trump's" criticisms.

"I'm sorry the president doesn't appreciate [my impersonations]. [And] tell his wife to stop calling me for tickets," Alec Baldwin said.

Asked for a "rebuttal," Alec resumed his Trump impersonation, calling himself "empathetic" to Americans' needs.

Alec's Trump later became irritated at Daniel Baldwin, who asked whether he meant "pathetic" or "empathetic."

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