'It Ain't Coming Down': Joe Piscopo Fires Back at Columbus Circle Statue Protesters

Joe Piscopo Eyeing Potential Run for NJ Governor in 2017 Election

"Saturday Night Live" alumnus and Salem Networks radio host Joe Piscopo said fellow comedian Jimmy Kimmel "has it in his power to bring the country together" on Oscars night.

Piscopo, known best for playing fellow New Jerseyan Frank Sinatra on "SNL", said Kimmel has developed enough of a following that he can unite the country if he wanted to.

In recent months, Kimmel has attacked President Donald Trump over multiple issues, as well as Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), a proponent of the Republican health care plan he also debated on his ABC program.

"The country has got to come together," he said, reiterating his hope that the late-night host strikes unifying tone on Sunday.

Piscopo, who also toyed with a 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial run, commented on the increasing political nature of late-night television.

He and Neil Cavuto reacted to a clip of CBS host Stephen Colbert, who created his own partially-redacted "FISA memo" that read "Devin Nunes is a [redacted]."

Colbert then asked Nunes' Democratic counterpart, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, and Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona to read the text of his "memo."

Piscopo also said that actor Alec Baldwin should've expected a stinging rebuke from Trump after criticizing him on Twitter.

He suggested that Trump could also offer a conciliatory tone by inviting his two top impersonators - Baldwin and comedian Darrell Hammond - to the White House for a "Trump-Off."

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