Chris Wallace: 'Game of Thrones' Has Nothing on the Trump White House

President Trump's surprise plan to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports is earning praise from some Democrats, including Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio. 

Despite a significant drop in the stock markets Thursday and Friday, Trump gave no indication that he would back off the plan for a 25 percent tariff for steel imports and 10 percent tariff for aluminum imports.

Kaptur, who represents Toledo and surrounding areas, told Shannon Bream Thursday that the move was a long time coming for the U.S. steel industry.

"We understand the delicate nature of tariffs, but we know America hasn't had a trade balance in over a quarter century," she said.

"Right now, over 700 workers in Lorain, Ohio, have been pink-slipped unless something happens soon. We know we have to resurrect this steel industry in our country to give it a fair trade level playing field. The president is inching toward that, he’s at the scrimmage line."

She decried the job losses and "corporate collapse" that has stemmed from China, Russia and Vietnam "back-dooring" goods into the United States via "predatory practices."

"I've served in Congress for over three decades. We've been waiting for this. We don't want to wait for the steel industry collapse. We can't afford to have the aluminum industry collapse in this country," said Kaptur. 

Republicans by and large did not express support for Trump's plan, with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) saying "whoever advised him on this ought to be reprimanded." Kaptur said "industrial America" does not share Hatch's view on the issue. 

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