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It’s time for Final Thoughts – and a pop quiz:

What does a mayor do?

Well, a mayor is elected by citizens - legal citizens - to oversee the public interest and provide community leadership. Guess what the mayor is not elected to do? Obstruct ICE agents tasked with enforcing federal immigration laws.

But Oakland, California, Mayor Libby Schaaf has done exactly that. She posted this warning on Twitter last weekend:

Okay, so let’s walk through this …

She is proudly and explicitly protecting criminals. Does that seem right? Actually, forget "right." Is it even legal?

Here’s another question: Mayor Schaaf is a proud member of what political party? Here’s a hint: She places the interests of illegal immigrants over the safety and security of Americans. So take a wild guess …

Yep, she’s a Democrat. And like her fellow California Democrats, she doesn’t seem to care much about the rule of law when it comes to federal immigration statutes.

Hey, Mayor Schaaf: You don’t decide how federal law applies to illegals. That’s not your call. And not your job.

Your job is to represent the legal residents of Oakland. Your job is to put their interests above those who have no legal right to be here. Your job is to protect your community. And with this little stunt, you’ve proven you could not care less.

The good news is, despite your efforts, our brave ICE agents arrested more than 150 people in the San Francisco Bay area who were “in violation of federal U.S. immigration laws.” But guess what? The agency’s acting director said more than 800 illegal immigrants – quote ”criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large” in the community.” And that’s on you, mayor. If one of those people harms or kills someone, you’ll have blood on your hands.

Our ICE agents put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities, and how do you thank them? You practically spit in their faces, make their jobs more difficult - and more dangerous. What makes you think you have that right?

Just because the Democratic Party has largely chosen to shield, protect, and coddle illegal immigrants, it doesn’t make it right - and doesn’t make it legal. You say you don’t want to break up families. But what about the families whose loved ones were killed by an illegal immigrant? What about Kate Steinle’s family? What about Jamiel Shaw II’s family? Do those families matter to you

We have an illegal immigration crisis in this country, one that won’t be easy to solve. And we certainly don’t solve that problem by preventing our immigration officers from doing their jobs. Have some respect for the rule of law - and those who risk their lives to enforce it.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care.

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