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Family members of victims of opioid overdose and addiction deaths joined President Trump in a conference at the White House on Thursday.

Trump credited First Lady Melania Trump with taking the lead on the issue, and promised to pursue companies who recklessly prescribe the products.

"You have people who go to the hospital for a broken arm... and they come out addicted to painkillers," Trump said.

The father of victim Andrew Witkoff said he still remembers the embrace then-businessman Trump gave him while Andrew's family was struggling to get him "detoxed."

"I remember the hug you gave me when I always felt lost," New York City real estate investor Steve Witkoff said at the conference.

Witkoff said Andrew didn't buy drugs on the "dark net" as some people do, but instead right on the Internet.

"I always felt hopeless before you were elected," Witkoff said. "If my son knew you were going to take up this battle, he must be upstairs [in heaven] applauding every day."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Andrew died of an OxyContin overdose at a now-defunct sober living facility in California in 2011.

Witkoff was one of several attendees whose families have been deeply affected by opioid abuse.

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