'People Want Something to Happen': Trump Projects Success in Gun Debate

'You Have a Different President Now': Trump Vows Action on Gun Laws

On "Fox & Friends" on Thursday, an Illinois Republican who's running for Congress reacted to one of his Democratic opponents smoking marijuana in a political ad.

Democrat Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a former FBI official and State Department diplomat, told the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts on Wednesday he smoked a joint in the controversial ad because he's a strong advocate for legalizing cannabis.

Wolf even said he "definitely" plans on getting high if he wins the special election on March 20.

Tom Hanson, the lone Republican who's running for the seat in Illinois' 5th Congressional District, said he agrees with Wolf that marijuana should be legal for medical use, but not recreational.

"I don't agree with that at all, and I have a lot of personal differences with that," Hanson said.

He said multiple states and the District of Columbia may have legalized recreational marijuana, but he does not believe Illinois should follow suit, even though he's running as a social liberal and fiscal conservative.

"Recreational pot is not right," he stated.

Steve Doocy noted that marijuana is still a schedule 1 controlled substance, according to federal law, so Wolf was actually breaking the law with his political ad.

"I would think the FBI or maybe the State Department or wherever else he worked, those employees are a little shocked," Hanson said. "And actually, he could be arrested today if they wanted to pick him up."

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