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Tucker Carlson reported that YouTube, through its parent organization Google, is enlisting "trusted flaggers" to delete questionable video content from its platform.

However, he said one group hired by YouTube is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which he said is "not an expert on the South, law, or poverty."

Carlson said the SPLC is a "hate group" masquerading as a group that exposes hate groups.

John Stossel reported that the group marked Dr. Ben Carson, Laura Ingraham and Judge Jeanine Pirro as "extremists" - but not an extremist group like Antifa.

Carlson called SPLC "wholly discredited" and asked tech entrepreneur Eric Schiffer for his take.

Schiffer said YouTube meant well when it acted to remove further questionable content like excessive violence and the like, but that hiring SPLC is "going too far."

Schiffer warned that the SPLC could easily "hit delete for partisan reasons" and that Google must be "transparent" with how they are curating videos.

"There really needs to be an apology to patriotic Americans who use YouTube, for this gross oversight," he said.

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