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A California university has a class focused solely on the topic of President Donald Trump being removed from office.

San Diego State University is offering a one-unit course in March called “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction?” taught by Professor John Joseph Cleary.

“Focus will be on the two constitutional grounds: impeachment and removal (25th Amendment), and the possible charges of the independent counsel,” the course description reads in part.

The class will cover “grounds for impeachment, removal, or indictment” such as “conflict of interests, foreign emoluments, climate change, racism, religious bias, improper influence, nepotism, and a host of crimes, including conspiracy, false statements, and obstruction of justice.”

Brandon Jones, SDSU College Republicans Chairman and a Campus Reform correspondent, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning to react.

"Their message is very clear," Jones said. "We see this all the time. [On] college campuses -- especially San Diego State University -- there's tons of liberal bias."

He said it's "dangerous" for a professor not only to suggest Trump is guilty of multiple crimes without proof, but to teach a class on it.

He noted that the only required reading for the course is Allan Lichtman’s “The Case for Impeachment,” in which the American University professor “makes the case for impeaching the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

"If you look at the required textbook, it was written by a liberal nutjob on the East coast," Jones said. "They can spew their talking points all they want, but I’m not buying it.”

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