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Former Trump adviser and political consultant Roger Stone denied reports he was allegedly acting as an "intermediary" between the Republican's campaign and WikiLeaks.

Laura Ingraham reported that recent leaks from the Mueller probe continue to include Stone's name and suspicions as to whether he or President Trump knew about the WikiLeaks-obtained emails from former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

Stone, who worked in the Nixon administration, said the latest reports are attempts by the "hand-maidens of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media to re-inflate the deflated Russian collusion delusion."

The Connecticut native said the press is right when they say a 2016 presidential candidate had ties to Russian actors, but that they are not reporting that person to be Hillary Clinton.

He said that allegedly "doctored" messages between Stone and Wikileaks published in The Atlantic "proved I had no advance knowledge of disclosures" of the emails.

Stone reiterated that he had no advanced knowledge of the Podesta email leaks, calling suspicions by the left and by the press as "an attempt to re-inflate a false narrative."

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