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President Donald Trump's 2016 deputy campaign manager said rumors that White House adviser Hope Hicks was "pushed out" of her role Wednesday were "just rubbish."

David Bossie, president of right-leaning advocacy group Citizens United, said he enjoyed working with Hicks on the campaign trail and sees nothing suspect about her departure.

"I know that Hope has been looking to do other things for quite some time now," he said of the 29-year-old Connecticut native.

Bossie called Hicks one of the most important members of Trump's staff and said he couldn't see anybody trying to push her out.

"[That's] just rubbish coming out of the White House," he said when asked whether Chief of Staff John Kelly is trying to "consolidate power" - making Hicks a casualty of such.

He added that her admission she told "little white lies" for Trump is nothing out of the ordinary for communications teams in Washington, D.C.

"[They tell] little fibs to the media to get them off their back," he said, noting that most of those statements are of little consequence to the subjects at hand.

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