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Brian Kilmeade said Wednesday on "The Five" that President Trump's public criticisms of his attorney general were just an example of a leadership style often used in sports.

Kilmeade said Trump, who called Jeff Sessions' decision to let the Justice Department inspector general handle the probe into FISA abuse "disgraceful", was similar to that of a coach being tough on his best players.

He said Trump's admonishment of Sessions was like former New York Giants Coach Bill Parcells telling his players "hey, are you going to catch a ball once in a while?"

Parcells led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins and later coached the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and New England Patriots in similarly strong-willed fashion.

Kilmeade added that the late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner cheered on his team in a similar manner.

"[Trump] is pushing him to do better," Kilmeade said, continuing his sports analogy in response to claims there may be a rift forming between the two men.

However, Kilmeade said the disagreement may have been handled better in private, with Trump telephoning the Justice Department to voice his concerns privately.

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