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Former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie reacted to news that his 2016 colleague Brad Parscale was named by President Trump as his 2020 reelection campaign manager.

Bossie said Parscale, a Kansas native who ran the 2016 campaign's digital operation, is a "very serious mind" and is skilled at getting Trump's message out.

"I'm happy he's helping the president right now," Bossie, the CEO of the right-leaning advocacy group Citizens United, said. "Brad was part of the winning team that was the 2016 election."

Bossie said that by announcing his reelection bid several months ahead of the average president, Trump is keying into the 2018 election to make sure the midterms play a "pivotal role" in the ticket's future.

He said he expects Trump to rely heavily on Parscale's experience targeting swing-state voters and put on a "tremendous operation" over the next three years.

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