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Tucker Carlson said that with the ongoing bloodshed and debt in Chicago, Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing a low 25 percent approval rating.

Carlson said that since Emanuel plans to be reelected in 2019, he must find a way to win without the standard population voting for him - by "creating [a] new one."

Late last year, the mayor rolled out a new city-issued ID card called CityKey, for the 'undocumented' and people 'on the sidelines.' Alderman Ameya Pawar (D-Ravenswood) was among the card's supporters.

Carlson said ICE cannot use the ID to enforce federal law because the card lacks some of the holder's identifying information that the federal government would need.

But, he said it can be used for voter registration in federal, state and local elections - including Emanuel's.

"[Rahm Emanuel] wants to get reelected even if it takes illegal voters," Carlson said.

Pawar, however, said that is not completely true, and contended that someone will need an extra form of identification to register to vote.

He told Carlson there's a "misunderstanding" about CityKey, which he said his immigrant parents plan to use as a mass transit and library card.

He said if an illegal immigrant defrauds the Illinois Board of Elections, that person can be deported.

Carlson pressed Pawar as to whether he supports noncitizens voting, and whether the card is supposed to be a way to get around federal law.

"When you let illegal aliens use this card... when in fact you are not required to show proof of citizenship to register to vote in Illinois, you're abetting voter fraud and you know it," Carlson said.

Pawar said there are "laws in place" to prevent that, and that it was improper of Carlson to "pit" neighbors against each other.

Later, Carlson interviewed an opponent of CityKey, Alderman Anthony Napolitano (R-O'Hare), who disagreed with Pawar over whether or not the card would be sufficient identification to use for voter registration.

Carlson brought Pawar back on the set, and he and Napolitano continued to debate the merits and intentions of the card.

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