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In the latest edition of "Mom Texts," Jesse Watters read some of the messages that his mother, Anne, sends to him during the course of "The Five."

Tuesday's series of missives focused on the younger Watters' attire, disagreements with colleague Juan Williams, and Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Watters warned Jesse that "life is bigger than Hillary."

"Stop behaving like a one-trick pony," she said.

Mrs. Watters also disagreed with a statistic Jesse shared, siding with Williams in that there is no way that President Trump has crossed the 50 percent popularity threshold.

Of her son's oft-outspoken personality, Mrs. Watters told Jesse that "confidence is silent, but insecurity is loud."

"If [President Donald] Trump fires [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein, we will have people marching in the streets," Mrs. Watters wrote in another message.

"Trust me on that, and I will not be alone," she said.

She also said she was worried about a unique blue-checkered suitjacket that her son wore earlier in the week on air.

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