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An Iowa father and daughter's political dichotomy is going viral, Shepard Smith reported.

Mike Miller is a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump, while his daughter Lily is a fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

"When my dad found out I was supporting Bernie Sanders, he laughed," Lily - who has not yet reached voting age - said.

Smith reported that 74 percent of voters are either extremely or very concerned about the American political divide.

Mike Miller said he and Lily can't agree on much of anything but that the two still love each other as family should.

Lily Miller expressed interest in running for office as well as being president of the United States one day.

Mike Miller said he would help her in any way he could - short of pledging his vote.

"No, I would not vote for her," he said.

Lily Miller joked that she would at least invite him to the White House once she took office.

"The better question is, would I go if I was invited," her father smiled.

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