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Sean Hannity ripped Broward County, Fla. Sheriff Scott Israel for refusing to take responsibility for his department's shortcomings when it comes to the Florida school shooting.

Hannity said the Broward County Sheriff's Office missed countless warning signs about shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz and that Israel compounded the issue by refusing to accept responsibility.

"This is one huge, massive, giant bureaucratic failure after another in this case," Hannity said.

He pointed to new reports that deputies refused to let Emergency Medical Technicians into the building to treat the wounded and dying students and faculty.

He also referenced Laura Ingraham's reportage that an internal Broward email urged deputies to support Israel in the aftermath of the shooting.

Hannity said Israel continues to refuse to answer direct questions and is showing a lack of sympathy for victims.

Calling him "obviously a sheriff in denial," Hannity said Israel is "out of touch with reality."

"He needs to stop trying to save his job," Hannity said of the elected Democrat.

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