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South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said the FBI didn't need to go to great lengths to get a FISA surveillance warrant of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Gowdy responded to reports of other possible evidence besides an unverified Russia dossier and a Yahoo! article that the FBI could have used to obtain the warrant.

"If you had a bunch of other reasons to get a FISA warrant to get [surveillance on] Carter Page... why didn't you use it?" Gowdy asked.

Gowdy maintained that he is not taking the position that the FBI should not have sought information on Page, just that he was unsure whether a dossier partially funded by an opposition candidate was the strongest case the government could make.

He said Page does "not know how to stop talking" during interviews and is not a high-profile or skilled international figure.

"He's not Jason Bourne, he's not James Bond," Gowdy said, referring to famous fictional spies created by Robert Ludlum and Ian Fleming respectively.

"If the FBI wanted to investigate him, fine," he said, going on to question the use of "opposition research" in a dossier if there were more reputable sources of concerning information about Page.

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