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On the Fox News Channel premiere of "Life, Liberty & Levin," Mark Levin sat down for an illuminating discussion with prominent economist and syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams.

Levin recalled that when he was about 20 years old, he spoke with then-Sen. Paul Laxalt (R-Nev.), a close ally of Ronald Reagan.

"One of the things he said to me that has stuck with me ever since [was] 'every day Congress meets, we lose a little bit of our liberty.' It wasn't supposed to be that way," Levin noted.

He pointed out a "paradox" that exists because Americans mostly distrust Congress and the federal bureaucracy yet when a problem arises, most Americans demand the government fix it. 

Williams said a temptation exists "among all humans to want to live at the expense of somebody else."

"It's sad to say this, [but] the American people love to live at the expense of somebody else. Whether it be farmers, they want subsidies, poor people [want] food stamps, businesses [want] bailouts," said Williams. 

He said if a farmer is in need of money to get by and robs someone, he'll go to jail. But if that same farmer convinces a U.S. congressman to "write a law enabling the IRS to take my money, he doesn't go to jail."

"People like to use the government to legalize theft," he argued. 

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