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Sean Hannity said all of the suspicions of the right in regard to the government obtaining a surveillance warrant on former Trump adviser Carter Page were "corroborated" by the Democrats' memo.

"Everything from a year ago that we have told you about... has been corroborated by the Democrats," Hannity said.

He added that ranking House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff of California promised his caucus' memo would challenge several aspects of the Nunes memo.

"Facts are facts," Hannity said, adding that Schiff's memo instead confirmed that the "completely unverified Hillary-Clinton-bought-and-paid-for Russia dossier" was used in the application for a warrant to spy on Page.

He said the fact the Democrats' case on the matter is crumbling is the reason the mainstream media has gone "radio silent" on the issue.

"They know it proves all of the key findings and facts of the Republican memo," Hannity said.

Hannity went on to examine the new Schiff memo line-by-line on air.

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