FL Shooting Survivor: Sheriff 'Virtue-Signaling Against the NRA', Must Resign

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Broward County, Florida, Sheriff Scott Israel is facing mounting calls to resign amid reports about his department’s alleged incompetence in preventing and responding to the high school shooting.

Israel has maintained that he will not resign his post in the wake of public criticism, touting his "amazing leadership" in a recent interview.

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer Dan Bongino said Israel "has to go," because there's no way he can credibly function in his role anymore.

He noted that many have criticized Israel for the actions of now-resigned Deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to go into the school while the shooting was occurring, and the lack of response by the sheriff's office after multiple people sounded the alarm about gunman Nikolas Cruz's erratic behavior.

"There's no way this individual should continue in this job. He needs to go, and he needs to go now," Bongino said, criticizing Israel for shirking responsibility as he brags about his leadership.

He said it's extremely "callous" for Israel to make remarks like that right after 17 innocent people lost their lives.

"You're talking about 'amazing leadership' while parents have to deal with the fact that -- at minimum -- one of your deputies failed to respond in time and you missed multiple signals? No, it doesn't work that way."

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