Tucker Blasts FL Sheriff: 'Exceptional Ineptitude & Arrogance'

Loesch: FL Sheriff Israel 'Went After 5M Law Abiding, Innocent Americans'

In an "Ingraham Angle" exclusive, Laura Ingraham aired a purported internal email from the Broward County Sheriff's Office that directed employees to defend Sheriff Scott Israel.

Ingraham said the email was given to her by a source and that its veracity was "confirmed" by a second source.

It urges all staff members to vigorously support Israel as he "find[s himself] up against a flurry of media allegations."

"He stood with us, and now we must stand with him," the email reads.

"The focus should be on getting to the bottom of what happened," Ingraham said. "[It] shouldn't be about saving [Israel's] job."

Ingraham said the emails continue a pattern of defensive public relations by the department at Israel's lead.

She said that, apart from the sheriff's repeated statements defending himself and criticizing the National Rifle Association, the Democrat's past actions also garnered media attention.

In 2015, Israel wrapped decals of his face on five taxpayer-financed sheriff's office cars, Ingraham reported.

She said they were dubbed "Israelmobiles," and were often driven by members of a "community outreach team" allegedly staffed by his campaign supporters.

Ingraham called for President Donald Trump to order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open his own investigation into the shooting, as well as the department's actions in relation to it.

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