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Pollster Lee Carter revealed what observers of President Trump's CPAC speech thought of three key points of the address.

Dividing the polled audience into Republicans, Independents and Democrats, Carter said there were some popular moments in the eyes for Republicans and Independents while Democrats largely disliked the speech.

After playing a clip of Trump speaking about the importance of faith and family in American life, Republicans graded the president A+.

"In America, we don't worship government, we worship God," Trump said.

That line earned a B+ with Independents and a C with Democrats.

On the topic of arming teachers, Republicans liked the statements, while independents were not overly excited but still graded it higher than Democrats.

Carter also polled a line where Trump riffed about the ongoing suspicions and jokes about his hair.

Trump self-deprecatingly referred to his bald spot, often hidden by slicked back hair.

That line earned an A from Republicans and Independents.

Carter said that Democrats overall just do not like the president, even if he is being humorous.

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