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Levin on FISA Controversy: Obama Likely Knew 'Hillary Clinton Paid for a Warrant'

Constitutional expert and upcoming host of "Life, Liberty & Levin" Mark Levin spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Interviewed by his wife, Julie, Levin discussed the wave of activism and politics in the United States that is running counter to the Constitution and causing trouble for President Trump.

"This is the greatest place on the face of the earth," he said of America. "I think there are still millions of Americans who love their country, love their freedoms, love their Constitution - and see it being eroded."

Levin called for the largely younger activists at the Oxon Hill, Md. conference to continue their work.

"We are at a precipice now," he said. "The cause is nothing less than saving this republic."

Levin called Trump the first president since Ronald Reagan who acts in a conservative manner, and who has a gifted understanding of foreign affairs when it comes to Iran, North Korea and China.

He said that Trump may not be a philosophical conservative like Reagan was, but that the former New York businessman deserves to be defended in the face of the increasing activism of the bureaucracy.

"I don't care if you agree with this president on anything or not," Levin said. "It's our obligation to defend this man."

Levin said the bureaucratic state and forces of progressivism are somewhat misreading the Constitution.

Levin mentioned how there are Articles I, II and III in the founding document - laying out the roles of each of the three branches of government. 

"Someone forgot to put the extra Article in for the bureaucracy," he said.

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