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In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, some are calling for teachers, administrators and other adults at schools to carry guns to help prevent mass shootings.

On "Your World" on Friday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said that policy has been in place in his state for several years, and more than 100 Texas school districts allow responsible adults to carry weapons on campus.

He said that has been effective, but it is just one tool that must be used to address gun violence and mass shootings.

"So many people are looking for shortcut solutions, when in reality, if we're going to really reform this issue and fully address it, we need to tackle the big problems," Abbott said. "And that includes the mental health problems that cause people to be this way in the first place."

He noted that Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz had a history of mental health problems, and his disturbing behavior had been flagged to the FBI and local authorities multiple times.

"We as a society have to address the mental health component of this," Abbott said. "In the meantime, we can add tools like arming teachers and things like that, but we will never truly solve this issue until we do the hard work of taking on the big issue, which is mental health."

He added another major factor that must be addressed is the "increasing violence in our society."

"Think of the level of violence that people see in some of the video games they watch and some of the movies they watch and the way that violence is glorified in places like Hollywood," Abbott said.

He argued that must be "eradicated" in order to raise a generation of people who believe gun violence is wrong.

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