WATCH: FNC's 'Scandalous' Looks Back at Clintons' Alleged Involvement in 'Whitewater'

SUNDAY, 10pm ET: Fox News Channel Premieres 'Life, Liberty & Levin'

Scandalous - the hit Fox News Channel docu-series - chronicles the dramatic events surrounding the Clinton scandals of the 1990s. 

Sunday at 8:00pm ET on a brand-new episode, you'll see an in-depth look at the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for lying to a grand jury about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. 

The House of Representatives started the official impeachment inquiry related to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

After an intense partisan debate, on December 20th, 1998 - for the first time since 1868 - the president of the United States was impeached.

Just as President Clinton’s poll numbers reached record highs, the nation's attention turned to the Senate, where he would be put on trial. Watch the preview clips above and check out part of last week's show below.

Tune in Sunday on Fox News Channel at 7:00pm ET for an encore presentation of last week's episode and the brand-new episode of "Scandalous" at 8:00pm ET.  

It's all part of a big Sunday night lineup, which includes "The Next Revolution" at 9:00pm ET and the premiere of Life, Liberty & Levin - hosted by Mark Levin - at 10:00pm ET.