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Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) appeared on Fox Business Network on Friday to explain why he supports a ban on assault weapons.

In the wake of the deadly shooting at a Florida high school, there have been renewed calls for gun control, particularly for assault rifles like the AR-15, which was used in last week's massacre.

Peters wrote an Op-Ed on the topic for The New York Post, explaining that he's a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but he doesn't believe everyday citizens should have access to weapons "designed for mass murder."

"The demagogues who grow wealthy by convincing responsible gun owners that some shadowy government agency can’t wait to seize their deer rifles will have a great deal to answer for on Judgment Day," he wrote.

On "Countdown to the Closing Bell," Peters said he doesn't expect any action from Congress, because lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are "craven."

"They have put their reelection chances above the lives of American children," Peters lamented. "How can they live with themselves?"

He wondered how many more children and adults will die from bullets fired from "military-grade weapons" like the AR-15 before the gun laws are changed.

"I own weapons, I hope I will always own weapons, but I don't own weapons that are meant to kill other human beings specifically."

Speaking later with Neil Cavuto, Peters said it was "pathetic" to get "wrapped up around AR-15s [to the point] that we don't want to protect children."

"Having those weapons in civilian hands is absolute madness." he said.

Watch more above, and watch Lt. Col. Peter's subsequent interview with Neil Cavuto below.

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