FL School Shooting Survivor: Media Not Listening to Conservative Side

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Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, joined Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle" Thursday night to react to fallout from the Florida high school shooting and how his father is taking steps to heal the nation.

Trump said his heart breaks for the 17 victims and their families, and it's critical that Americans come together to find a way to prevent such tragedies.

He said that's why his father met with survivors of the shooting at the White House on Wednesday for an important listening session.

"He was amazing yesterday, and I was proud of him. And quite frankly, I think that was the first step in healing a nation that's deeply troubled by what happened," Trump said.

He noted that his father has also expressed his openness to some "commonsense" gun control proposals, such as raising the minimum age to purchase assault rifles and instituting stricter background checks.

Despite that, he said, Democrats and the mainstream media are critical of the president -- including his notes for Wednesday's meeting -- because they will do "absolutely anything" to take him down.

"Anything they can [do] to undermine the man -- you saw that with the Russian hoax -- they are doing. And it's very, very sad, and it's not beneficial for our country," Trump said.

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