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Following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the White House is considering several gun control proposals, including setting an age limit for buying on AR-15 assault rifles, the type of weapon purchased legally by the gunman who shot 17 people dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week.

During a briefing on Tuesday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed an AR-15 age limit is "certainly something that's on the table."

On "Fox News @ Night," journalist and gun rights advocate Emily Miller said Sanders' statement was "jaw-dropping" for Second Amendment supporters.

"The president, who I've interviewed multiple times before he was president, has said he absolutely is strong on the Second Amendment, he understands that no gun control law has ever reduced crime," Miller said. "And so the fact that they are saying that is very interesting politically."

She argued it's a purely political move because the administration knows that raising the minimum age for purchasing one specific weapon -- which kills about 40 people per year in the U.S. -- will not do anything to change the crime statistics in America.

"It's intellectually dishonest. The whole concept is purely political. It has nothing to do with crime. Zero," Miller said. 

She said Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz never should have been able to purchase guns due to his history of mental illness, and he should have been investigated by the FBI and local law enforcement after a series of tips.

"Whatever we can do to stop dangerously mentally ill people from getting guns and getting access to guns, we should do," Miller said, arguing that Cruz -- like Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley -- should have been red-flagged during background checks.

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