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Tucker Carlson on Wednesday detailed several examples of perceived judicial activism by upper-tier court judges.

Carlson said the judges were ignoring the Constitution and acting on their own political biases.

"There's a lot of rot in our halls of power," he said. "The federal courts may be the [most] decayed institution of all."

He said there is no legal basis for the DACA program, since President Barack Obama created it "out of whole cloth."

But, in turn, Carlson pointed to pointed to several judges who found that President Donald Trump has no legal basis to end the program benefiting illegal immigrants.

Carlson said their reactions are "legally ludicrous," citing one judge who used Trump's campaign trail speeches in his ruling.

He pointed to another judge, Nicholas Garaufis of New York, who said Trump gave no valid reason for his decision to end DACA.

"As if following the law is not enough," Carlson remarked, pointing out that Garaufis was once accused of making political judgments when his ruling involving racial-based hiring in the FDNY was deemed an overreach by another court.

Carlson warned that with such politicization of the courts, there may come a day when "anything can be declared unconstitutional" for any reason a judge gives.

"These judges are not interpreting the law, they are inventing the law," he said.

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