Todd Starnes Pays Tribute to Billy Graham: 'What a Great Day in Heaven It Is Today'

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Singer Pat Boone remembered his late friend, the Rev. Billy Graham, Wednesday on "The Story."

Graham died earlier Wednesday in Buncombe County, N.C. at age 99.

Boone said his family and Graham's family met very often and routinely attended the same functions.

He said he remembered being with the Grahams at Montreat - their North Carolina home - the day that Saddam Hussein was captured, and discussed the way the world was changing at the time.

"The problems this world faces now are beyond human solutions," he recalled Graham saying. "Only divine solutions exist for us now."

Boone said he and Graham lamented the fact schools have been somewhat forced to shun organized prayer because people may be offended.

He said such a development is unthinkable for a country "built on Bible principles - the most blessed nation in the world."

Boone said Graham ignored political correctness when it came to preaching the word of Jesus Christ, saying he was "unafraid... about offending everybody else."

"Billy was trying to tell the world there are answers, but they reside with God," Boone said.

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