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Tucker Carlson debated a New York City councilman and lieutenant governor candidate over the Democrats' proposed new assault weapons ban in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

Jumaane Williams, a Democrat who represents Flatbush and Canarsie in Brooklyn, said some 30,000 Americans are killed by guns every year, including suicides.

Carlson agreed that gun violence must be curbed, but asked Williams if another iteration of an assault weapons ban is a wise move.

He said the Justice Deparment previously ruled that the prior ban "saved no lives."

"The real question is, do you believe that we should have unfettered access to guns in this country," Williams asked.

Carlson said Williams' question was irrelevant, pointing to the actual text of the new bill.

Carlson pointed out the legislation calls for guns featuring barrel shrouds, pistol grips and bayonet appendages to be outlawed.

"I'm responding to an actual piece of proposed legislation - proposed by your allies in the Democratic Party," Carlson said.

He continued to press Williams on the legislation itself.

"I deal in facts, and you deal in mindless generalizations that do nothing but get you votes," Carlson said.

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