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If you think Christianity is a mental illness, if you are offended by thoughts and prayers, if you think the solution to our familial, social, cultural and political issues is to remove God and religion from our country, these final thoughts are for you.

And if you know your faith is worth defending, these final thoughts are also for you.

I’m so tired of listening to some of these leftists dismiss and attack Christians, Christianity and traditional religious beliefs. It’s one thing to be a non-believer. But it’s another to routinely demean and dismiss those of us who believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s Joy Behar on The View mocking Vice President Pence, or the shaming of NBC sportscaster and former NFL coach Tony Dungy for praising Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles for his Christian faith - enough is enough.

Not surprisingly, these are the same people who fiercely defend Islam after every terror attack. Explain the double-standard, please. You’re all about love and tolerance - of everything and everyone - except the Christian community.

We do indeed have a separation of church and state in this country. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think you leave your faith or virtue at the door. It’s part of being a human, and an American.

When you remove God, values, and virtue from schools, sports teams, media and popular culture - you’re not helping anyone. When you insist on creating a spiritual crater in society, what do you think fills that void? If we aren’t rooted in anything, if we don’t stand for anything, we will fall for anything.

Take away the moral compass, and what do we have left? Greed, self-interest, materialism, hate, hopelessness, and the tattering of the very fabric on which our nation is built.

The Leftists often claim they are all about forgiveness, love, philanthropy and kindness. Well newsflash … those are the basic tenets of the Bible and Christianity.

It’s not a partisan thing, so don’t make it one. You’re offended by our national anthem, our flag, our statues and our prayer. But unfortunately for you, some of us will stand and fight for all of it.

Whatever your faith is, I hope it guides you.

Those are my final thoughts. From LA, God bless, and take care.

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