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Laura Ingraham responded to actress Jennifer Lawrence's announcement that she will be taking a year off from Hollywood to help "fix our democracy."

Lawrence said she wants young people to "get engaged politically" and that her decision is not based in partisanship.

Ingraham said Hollywood was "locked out" of Washington by President George W. Bush and is still recovering from the election of President Donald Trump.

She said people like Lawrence are unhappy with Trump's election after eight years of being comfortable with President Barack Obama.

Ingraham said many in Hollywood lecture or get active in politics without closely studying the issues.

But, Ingraham said that former President Ronald Reagan - who she worked for - spent years learning and writing about policy and law.

"When Trump was elected, [Hollywood was] embarrassed and furious" after pouring resources into Hillary Clinton's campaign, Ingraham said.

She credited actor George Clooney, a Clinton supporter, with recognizing that the former first lady was a flawed candidate and shared some blame for her loss.

"Trump was really never part of their world," she said. "[But] he dared to speak up."

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