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As the midterm election season heats up in the United States, the top three presidential candidates south of the border prepare to face off on July 1, William La Jeunesse reported.

La Jeunesse said the front-runner in the latest polling is a man dubbed the "Bernie Sanders of Mexico."

A. Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO, is a far-left populist who placed second in the previous two presidential elections.

Lopez Obrador's platform includes a call for the United Nations to stop American President Donald Trump from building a border wall.

He also plans to break up corporate monopolies.

Lopez Obrador served as the equivalent of mayor in Mexico City - known politically in Mexico as the Federal District - in 2000.

The native of Hidalgo state leads his nearest challenger, National Action Party (PAN) candidate Ricardo Anaya, by 40 to 31 percent according to the Bloomberg Poll Tracker.

Anaya, a native of Queretaro, supports a universal basic income and would form a coalition government, La Jeunesse said. The last presidents to be elected from PAN were Felipe Calderon and firebrand Trump critic Vicente Fox.

The third candidate, who earned 20 percent support in the poll, is Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) nominee Jose Antonio Meade.

La Jeunesse said Meade is seen as experienced, but added that his party has been criticized for failing to stop drug cartel violence under sitting President Enrique Peña Nieto.

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