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Author and "Rush Limbaugh Show" sub-host Mark Steyn criticized former Clinton White House counselor David R. Gergen for alleged political hypocrisy.

Gergen, also a former aide to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, said Trump should not critique the press or try to impeach Robert Mueller's character.

As Tucker Carlson noted in his monologue, Gergen warned that Trump's actions could be compared to the advent of authoritarian regimes.

Steyn said commentators like Gergen have been able to quash recent Republican attempts to take the White House.

"In the end, Donald Trump was the only guy who could withstand the kind of careless demonization that goes on," Steyn said.

He said Gergen ignored a troublesome comment by Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who said that some people with dissenting views on climate change should be subject to criminal prosecution.

"He didn't worry about authoritarian temptation... when the Obama administration weaponized both the Justice Department and IRS to go after its ideological enemies," Steyn said.

"David Gergen didn't whimper a word when dozens of Democrats decided they were going to boycott [Trump's] inauguration," he said.

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