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Former FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force member and Navy veteran Steven Rogers said Monday that FBI Director Christopher Wray should resign in the wake of a reported missed tip about the Florida school shooting suspect.

Rogers said there was a failure in intelligence sharing by the bureau, after a tip was received about suspect Nikolas Cruz, but apparently not acted upon, after Wray took charge of the FBI.

"The director of the FBI should not only resign, but the entire leadership [and] executive officers should resign," he said.

Rogers said that if Wray, a former attorney for 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie (R-N.J.), does not resign, he should be fired.

"The priorities of the FBI should be [the] protection of the American people," Rogers, also a former police lieutenant in Nutley, N.J., said.

Rogers said that a "blue wall of silence" has apparently been constructed at the FBI, and that the bureau must "tear that wall down."

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