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EIB Network radio host Rush Limbaugh warned President Trump not to take a victory lap just yet, after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made public statements about new indictments in the Mueller probe into Russian collusion.

Rosenstein said several Russian nationals were to be indicted in relation to 2016 election meddling, and that no American knowingly took part in the alleged illicit activities.

"I would be very careful if I was President Trump here," the host often dubbed 'El Rushbo' said. "The danger for the president is [that] it would be very... seductive for him to embrace this [and] say "see, I've been vindicated"."

Limbaugh said that if Trump claimed victory on this particular front, and was mentioned in any forthcoming indictments, it could cause severe political trouble for the New Yorker.

"This whole thing is about setting Trump up for impeachment if the Democrats win in 2018," Limbaugh said. "He's the target."

Limbaugh later added that the Russia dossier compiled by former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele is essentially a "paid political opposition research document" masquerading as an intelligence file.

"The reason Hillary [Clinton] isn't charged is because that would mean [Barack] Obama would have to be exposed as participating in the scheme too."

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