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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said that new revelations detailed in the Mueller probe's federal indictment of several Russian nationals finally renders collusion claims against President Trump moot.

"I fully realize that nothing I say, you say, or anybody else says is going to change liberal minds," Bongino said. "I get it your skulls are 6 feet thick. You're committed to this - you think the president is guilty of treason."

Bongino, a former congressional candidate in the Maryland panhandle, said such Trump critics are "living in a fantasy land."

"Read the indictment," he said. "Wake up, smell the coffee."

Bongino said Trump or any associates cannot "unwittingly collude," referencing statements by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that no Americans willingly participated in election interference.

He said he worked under President Obama while in the United States Secret Service, and although he disagreed with almost all of his agenda, he would never have considered accusing the Democrat of treason.

On the other had, Bongino said, top Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California "disgraced herself, the country... [and] her party" by circulating rumors of a collusion scandal.

"[It's] so disgusting that it's hard for me to discuss without using FCC-banned words," Bongino remarked.

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