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Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) responded to comments from Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal, who said Republicans will only act to prevent gun violence if it means "mass losses" in elections.

"What can be done?" Blumenthal asked rhetorically in a TV interview. "In a word, elections."

Scott called Blumenthal's comments "incredibly extreme" and "unfortunate."

"It is politicizing and capitalizing on a heinous crime," Scott said.

Scott noted that, like himself, Blumenthal represents a state where an infamous mass shooting occurred.

Connecticut was home to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and Scott's home city of Charleston recently saw several black churchgoers murdered by a white supremacist.

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza later killed himself, while Dylann Storm Roof fled Charleston and was later captured near Shelby, N.C. and now faces a death sentence.

"We ought not to find ways to win elections off terrible tragedies in this country," Scott said.

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