'You Probably Shouldn't Call People Treasonous': Tucker Battles Rob Reiner on Russia Probe, Trump

RNC Spokesperson: Indictment of 13 Russians Unravels Dems' 'Collusion Conspiracy Theory'

Sean Hannity said the deputy attorney general's announcement concerning Russian interference in the 2016 election elicited a "collective gasp from liberals" because no Americans were implicated as willing participants.

Hannity said statements from Rod Rosenstein, the number two at the Justice Department, proved that Russia's goal was "to sow political discord" rather than to support one candidate or another.

He said Russian actors also tried to "undermine" Trump after his election.

Hannity also pointed to the fact the federal indictment explained that those implicated sponsored opposing rallies on the same day in November 2016.

An anti-Trump rally and a pro-Trump affair were both held in New York City shortly after the election.

He said another anti-Trump rally alleged to have been connected to the defendants was held later that month in Mecklenburg County, N.C.

Hannity said the fact that Trump nor any associates of his were implicated in the election meddling cause a "collective gasp from liberals."

He replayed clips of mainstream media personalities lamenting the probe, like former CBS News anchor Dan Rather claiming a "Hurricane Vladimir" was about to make landfall and envelop Trump.

"Why is anybody surprised?" Hannity asked.

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