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Polk County, Fla. Sheriff Grady Judd said it would be a "game changer" to allow some hand-picked teachers to carry firearms in the classroom.

Judd said his initiative would screen and select teachers with skill and psychological requirements that exceed the Florida State Police's requirements for their officers.

"We have got to wake up, wake up and understand that we have to have... specially trained people that have concealed firearms that can run to the threat and protect our children," Judd said.

He said that every school and college campus in the state of Florida is already a "gun-free zone," but that "crazed person[s]" like shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz have shown they do not abide by such policies.

Judd said it would be a "game changer" if some teachers were armed, pointing to two coaches at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who died shielding students from gunfire.

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