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'Our Founding Fathers Didn't Have This in Mind': Teacher Who Survived Florida Shooting Calls for Action

Will President Trump have a "Nixon-to-China" moment following the latest mass shooting?

According to Axios' Jonathan Swan, the president told aides privately "we have to do something" and asked officials about the possible options after a gunman killed 17 people Wednesday in a Florida high school. 

Trump spoke Thursday about the massacre, but did not mention guns or gun control. Swan wrote that there's "no way" Trump will reverse his ardent pro-Second Amendment positions in an election year. 

"He instinctively knows his voters would never forgive him," wrote Swan. 

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace reacted on "America's Newsroom," emphasizing that the pro-gun rights platform was one of his strongest pitches to voters in the 2016 election. 

"There's a lot of people who think [guns] are not the problem. ... That it is lack of security, that the wrong people are getting guns, that we're not enforcing the laws we already have," said Wallace, adding that Congress is so divided that nothing ever gets accomplished after each mass shooting. 

He noted that last fall a widely-supported ban on bump stocks was never passed by Congress after the Las Vegas gunman used the device to increase his rate of fire.

Wallace said the same conversation is playing out in the country, with Democrats pushing for gun control and Republicans talking about mental health and enhanced school security measures.

"We've been here all too often. We have these terrible tragedies and people start pressing for solutions and nothing happens."

Watch the conversation above. 

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