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Former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko joined Neil Cavuto on "Your World" on Friday to react to revelations the bureau ignored a tip about Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 when he opened fire at a Florida high school on Valentine's Day.

The FBI on Thursday said in a statement that it received a call in January from a person close to Cruz through its Public Access Line tipline to express concerns about Cruz's erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. That tip said that Cruz had a gun, wanted to “kill people” and there was the “potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

The agency said that while that information should have been forwarded to the Miami FBI field office, it was not, and no further investigation was conducted.

"Whether this is a person problem, a people problem or a technology problem or a combination ... it is unforgivable," Hosko said.

He said that Florida Gov. Rick Scott's call for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign over the fumbled tip is a bit extreme, but he acknowledged that the bureau is in a "deep hole."

Hosko noted the FBI switched to a centralized leads and tips system several years ago -- as opposed to having agents assigned to the task in every field office -- which he said could have contributed to this "breakdown."

"This is totally destructive to the 'see something, say something' narrative that we hear so often from law enforcement," he said. 

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